Multi-disciplinary artist working in video, performance, installation, sound, and sculpture.


my sister's bones. Video still. Photo: Rob Page


I am a socially engaged interdisciplinary artist working in performance, video, sound, and installation, sometimes simultaneously. In my practice I make compelling and safe situations and environments inviting deep introspection from viewers and participants. Much of my work is an exploration of difficult and uncomfortable aspects of being human: dying and forgiveness. I'm interested in pushing societal norms around dying and the lack of conversation about the inevitable.

Much of my practice is collaborative and projects like the live performance Torcher Chamber Arkestra combine fire, music, sound, and electronics and are collaborative not only between the performers, but with the audience as well. Projects such as Forgiveness, are interactive and often collaborate with supported groups, in situations with imbedded duty of care.

Often using glass for its sonic, encapsulating, and transparent qualities, live performances may include the making and/or destruction of objects. Using my body to act upon objects I have often made can emit sound transcendent. These actions can also catalyse cacophony when objects are destroyed, but in that destructive action, there is space for transcendence. 

I try to make work that is emotionally and spiritually useful. Feedback teaches me that these works can be beneficially life-changing for some and that the environment of an exhibition which contains captured and broadcast performances, can lead to social dialogue and exchange with profound positive effect.

Leading workshops and teaching are some of the greatest joys of my life and I have led workshops on conceptual art, spirit, peace, forgiveness, and musical instrument making with young school groups, veterans, the elderly with dementia, asylum seekers, faith leaders, MCs, fellow artists, and the public. I teach flameworking internationally in universities and centres of glass excellence.

Exhibitions including outreach that changes the content of the exhibition, like Forgiveness, can be hired for your area and chosen participant groups. Contact me here for more information.

​My installations tend to be quite large in scale and need institutional-sized spaces to be exhibited. So whilst most of us do not have cathedral-sized living rooms, you can still own a small piece of some of my larger installations. You will find these components of internationally exhibited artworks in my shop here: www.carriefertigstore.

Ausklingen (Fade Away)