Health of the Sublime in the Mearns

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Open Call for Virtual Reality Participants.

Let’s make something that matters together in Virtual Reality!


Hi! I am Carrie Fertig, a socially engaged interdisciplinary artist, your neighbour, and Mearns and Coastal Healthy Living Network (MCHLN) volunteer. I am thrilled to announce a new project between MCHLN and myself, funded by Creative Scotland.


Health of the Sublime in the Mearns is a two-year project focusing on the lived experience of wellbeing and the sublime in the natural world, and the direct threat to that lived experience posed by climate change. With your artworks in video, sound, writing, and sculpture, we will build an interactive map online, in Virtual Reality, and in real life. The map will have clickable links where your videos, sound recordings, interventions in the landscape, and writing, produce a multi-dimensional deeply personal view of how important our lived experience of the natural world is to our wellbeing and spirit. We have funding for this first year of activity from Creative Scotland. In year two, an overlaying map of additional artworks made by participants will be made focusing on how that lived experience of wellbeing and the sublime is threatened by climate change.


We are going to run a series of taster sessions in video, sound, non-fiction nature writing/poetry, and sculpture or interventions in the landscape the week of the 20-24th June. Part of this project is a special programme for a smaller number of participants in Virtual Reality.


Virtual Reality


Alongside these four threads of activity, we will run two cohorts of two people to learn creative apps in Virtual Reality. The first cohort runs from mid-June - 21th October 2022.

18 weeks with 22 sessions.

There are special criteria for the selected participants:


ŸMust be largely housebound

ŸAlready a client of or volunteer with MCHLN

ŸNeed to have computer and internet or willingness to have this provided by MCHLN for duration of cohort

ŸNeed a Facebook account, although it is unnecessary to use the Facebook account, it is for headset communication and set up. We can help you set this up.

ŸWillingness to practice regularly. You will be fully supported to take part.


Participants in the VR cohort will receive 22 private one-on-one tuition sessions. I am high risk and will take great care to keep you safe, potentially meeting you outside a window. You will learn how to build your own immersive experience of the natural world and will be assisted with scans, audio, and video of your specific place of wellbeing to import into your virtual natural world. If you meet the criteria and would like to learn VR and contribute to this project, please email me @ or call the office on 01561 378 130. Please feel free to email if you have any questions about any aspect of becoming a VR participant, we can set up a phone date to discuss. The deadline to apply is Thursday 16th June, 5pm. You can apply by email or by phone by calling the office on 01561 378 130. And just a wee note: I had no VR experience until last June. If I can learn the wonders of creating in a boundless immersive environment, you can too. Absolutely no experience needed.