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Health of the Sublime

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Creative Climate Events

Thanks to all who came along to the Climate Fresk and Sustainable Mearns social.

Stay tuned for our calendar of more Creative Climate events including Climate Fresks and Group mind maps making.

Climate Fresk is a group workshop built around a card game. The cards represent and summarize concepts like industry, CO2, and rising temperatures. The Fresk uses teamwork and collective creativity to help people understand climate science and come up with possible solutions. Participants are handed a few cards with photos and concepts and explanations on them that begin with large general concepts like human activities to very specific science like calcification difficulties. Participants take turns reading them to each other and then lay them on the table and discuss what cause and effect order they go in. There are several rounds adding more cards, and once the cards are all in order, participants mind map their work and make it into an art piece with their drawings, whilst discussing it and how it makes them feel. Afterward they make a graph and discuss actions/changes they could take. It's fun, community making, and you will leave with a plan of actions.

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