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Torcher Chamber Arkestra at Midland Art Centre

Craftspace commissioned Torcher Chamber Arkestra for a series of performances and a workshop at Midland Art Centre  (mac) in Birmingham, England September 2-3, 2016.

Torcher Chamber Arkestra is an experiemental platform of music, fire, and electronics. Our current line up is  Stu Brown, Alistair MacDonald, and myself.


We gave three performances in the beautful Foyle Studio, including our and Craftspace's first relaxed performance. This is a performance where the lighting is brighter than we might normally have, people can get  upand walk around or leave is they wish, and make all the noise they want. A lot of children came to this performance with their parents and were guided by staff to sit on the ground so we could ensure there were great site lines for everyone.

Having so many children present completely changed the music we made and it was great fun. Stu often uses rubber balls combined with the glass instruments to make sound and sometimes they bounce out of these huge glass vessels to the glee of the children. We also recieved our best review: "Best Show Ever"!

Mac Torcher group.jpg

Photo: Joseph Potts and Craftspace

mac photpo 1.jpg

Photo: Joseph Potts and Craftspace

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